University Tenure, Permanent Status, and Promotion Nominations 2008-09

Published: May 22nd, 2008

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Janie Fouke, Provost and Senior Vice President

Faculty members being considered for tenure, permanent status, and/or promotion in the academic year 2008-2009 must receive a copy of this memorandum along with the University’s “Guidelines and Information Regarding the Tenure, Permanent Status and Promotion Process for 2008-09” (“Guidelines” can be found online at Both documents should also be given to new faculty to familiarize them with our tenure and promotion process. Faculty should be aware, however, that the “Guidelines” are updated annually. For the 2008-09 promotion and tenure cycle, there are some new procedures for those faculty covered under the collective bargaining agreement. This office and Academic Personnel will be conducting workshops for faculty, staff, chairs and deans in the coming months to familiarize all concerned with those new procedures. The “Guidelines” for 2008-09 are based on the following sources, and I encourage faculty to consult these for additional information:

1. University Regulations 6C1-7.003, 7.010, 7.013, 7.019, for faculty, 6C1-7.025 for P.K. Yonge faculty and IFAS County Extension Faculty, and 6C1-6.009 for County Extension Faculty. ( and ).

2. Memorandum of Agreement dated 2 May 2008 and effective 1 July 2008 between the University of Florida and the United Faculty of Florida, and related documents at

The Provost’s Office will send a list of candidates to those units/departments that have tenure and permanent status accruing faculty. The list has the date a faculty member began accruing time towards tenure/permanent status. Please notify Janet Malphurs at 392-1251 of any necessary corrections.

The candidate must complete, sign, and date her or his tenure and/or promotion packet to indicate the packet is complete before departmental review and voting occurs. Nominees must organize their packet according to the University “Guidelines,” including the order of documents, and numbers and titles of sections. Use Attachment #1 to the “Guidelines” as the cover sheet for all packets.

All recommendations must be in the Academic Personnel Office, 903 West University Avenue, by January 9, 2009, except IFAS extension faculty packets, which are due January 12, 2009. Please schedule college/unit meetings to ensure these deadlines are met. College/department deadlines should be communicated to the faculty as soon as possible.

Thank you.


Dr. Kyle Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President
Dr. Douglas Barrett, Senior Vice President
Dr. Jimmy Cheek, Senior Vice President
Dr. Angel Kwolek-Folland, Interim Associate Provost
Ms. Janet Malphurs, Academic Personnel

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