Administrative Changes in PeopleSoft/Bridges and CIO Office

Published: January 6th, 2009

Category: Memos

Chuck Frazier, Interim CIO and
Ed Poppell, Vice President for Business Affairs

Approximately three years ago in 2005, Dr. Mike Conlon was assigned additional duties focused on PeopleSoft implementation. With the implementation of PeopleSoft complete, we write to announce the following changes. Dr. Conlon will return to his duties centered on data infrastructure and IT architecture and will report through the CIO. We thank Dr. Conlon for his excellent work in support of the PeopleSoft implementation.

Also appointed in 2005 as Director of Bridges was Mr. Mike Corwin. Mr. Corwin will continue in that role with responsibility for on-going operations of the PeopleSoft software. His report through the Vice President for Business Affairs does not change at this time.

The Active Directory Group and the UF Exchange Group will be relocated to different space in the next month. Both groups will continue to report to Dr. Conlon. The PeopleSoft Infrastructure Group will change their report to Mr. Tim Fitzpatrick, Director of Computing and Networking Services, beginning immediately. The Infrastructure Group will be relocated to Computing and Networking Services (CNS) space in the near future.

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