Material & Supply Fees/Equipment Use Fees

Published: January 30th, 2009

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Sheri P. Austin, Director, University Budgets

We are now accepting applications to establish or adjust Material and Supply Fees and Equipment Use Fees for the Summer & Fall 2009 terms. Please submit your requests no later than February 20th.

All existing fees should be reviewed to determine if you are charging the appropriate fee to cover the resources needed. Amounts exceeding $50 per course for Material & Supply Fees must be substantiated on the Material & Supply Request Form. A maximum of $30 per credit hour has been established for Equipment Use Fees. Exceptions to this maximum will need to be submitted by the Dean and will be reviewed by the Provost.

Colleges and Departments are reminded that (1) they must maintain records of the revenue and expenditures made per course; (2) DEPTFLEX fields are now required for all expenditures; and (3) available Material & Supply cash balances must be below 15% of term revenues two weeks after the close of classes. Failure to maintain this minimum balance will result in the loss of subsequent term fees.

New or increased course fees will not be accepted after February 20th for the Summer and Fall 2009 terms as the schedule of course fees will be published and available to students on March 2nd. Approved forms may be faxed to 352-846-3586 or can be emailed (PDF with signatures) to

We have been working with Bridges to develop a new process that will allow departments and units to electronically enter the Material & Supply Fee and Equipment Use Fee Request Forms and approve those forms through workflow. The input will be similar to the existing forms, and the workflow is similar to the HR function of ePAF. This improvement will give you the ability to view the submitted request forms and access those forms to initiate future changes to fees.

No existing course fees will be carried forward. Since the data does not exist in electronic format, it will be necessary to build the database with your input from the data that is approved as of February 20th. Therefore, colleges will be required to enter new Request Forms for all courses that you would like to carry Material & Supply or Equipment Use Fees. Input is anticipated to begin on March 20th and end on April 17th. This information will be used to update PeopleSoft Student Financials at term switch and provide the information to charge fees to the students for Summer and Fall 2009.

Karen Navitsky will be coordinating training for the new process. There will also be open work sessions available if you would like support while entering forms. Security roles are being developed for this process and you will need to request them from your Department Security Administrator (DSA). We will communicate these prior to input.

We hope that this new system is a significant improvement to the Material & Supply and Equipment Use Fee processes. More information will be sent out as we finalize the process. Please check our website at for information, forms, policies and procedures. Please contact Susan Morris at 392-2402 or if you have any questions.

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