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Published: May 6th, 2010

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Matt Fajack, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Charles Frazier, Interim Chief Information Officer

We are happy to endorse and support a project designed to enhance sustainability and assist departments in identifying recurring cost saving opportunities. The project will have three phases. The first will involve a campus-wide inventory of print devices—including printers, scanners,facsimile and copier equipment. This will provide base data that can be used to assess whether there are opportunities to meet our print needs and still reduce costs and increase sustainability.

The project is being led by Purchasing staff Greg DuBois, Senior Associate Controller, and Lisa Deal, Purchasing Director. They will be assisted by representatives from ProBuyers, a company specializing in these assessments and analyses. Starting with the academic and academic support administrative areas, an inventory of each area’s print devices will begin in May and continue through September.

As a second step, once we have completed this administrative inventory, we will provide a report to deans, directors, and chairs detailing strategies and opportunities on how each unit could potentially save money and reduce its carbon footprint. The reports also will give each unit the opportunity to participate (it is not mandatory) in a customized equipment program designed specifically for the particular needs of the unit.

A third step will involve working toward an additional long-term goal to create a standardized document imaging equipment and related services contract so that all departments and colleges can benefit from:

  • Reduced overall costs by combining our total buying power
  • The newest multifunctional scan/print/copy technology

ProBuyers’ representatives will wear a badge and carry a letter of introduction to identify themselves as consultants authorized to conduct this inventory. Please be aware that they may ask questions to gain a better understanding of how the equipment is used within the department—or they may just need directions. Either way, we hope you will support these efforts in gathering the information needed to make this a successful initiative. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Greg DuBois or Lisa Deal in Purchasing.

For more information about this and other UF Think Before You Ink initiatives, please visit

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