Refresher “Preventing Sexual Harassment” Online Training Now Available

Published: May 6th, 2010

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Paula Varnes Fussell, Vice President for Human Resource Services

We are pleased to announce that Human Resource Services has now added refresher training to our online “Preventing Sexual Harassment” curriculum.

All UF employees who have previously attended the instructor-led “Mini-Conference on Sexual Harassment” (GET119), but have not completed the online training, should now plan to complete the online refresher version. We ask that these employees complete the refresher version by September 30, 2010, and that all UF employees review and complete this training content every two years. An 80 percent score on the course’s mastery test is required for training credit to be given.

Both the refresher workshop and the new employee version of the “Preventing Sexual Harassment” training may be accessed via the myUFL system ( To access the training, please navigate to My Self Service, Training and Development, Training and Development Home. Under the Online Learning heading, you will then click the “Preventing Sexual Harassment” link, at which time you will have two options: First Time User or Refresher.

It is expected that all new employees (faculty and staff, including OPS) complete the “First Time User” version of the “Preventing Sexual Harassment” tutorial within their first 30 days of employment.

Reports are available in Enterprise Reporting to support this effort. To determine which employees in your area have already taken the online “Preventing Sexual Harassment” workshop, navigate to Enterprise Reporting in the myUFL system (, Access Reporting, Human Resources Information, Training and Organizational Development, Sexual Harassment Certification Report. The following three training options may be listed for an employee:

  • Sexual Harassment Certificate – Indicates instructor-led training, which now must be updated by completing the online refresher “Preventing Sexual Harassment” training.
  • Online Sexual Harassment Cert – Indicates the First Time User online training completion; this certification is considered current two years from its completion date. If an employee has completed this training, there is NO need to complete the Refresher online training unless two years have passed.
  • Refresher Prev Sex Harassment – Certifies completion of the new refresher training.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that all of our employees complete this training. It is intended to increase the awareness of our roles in and responsibilities for keeping the university free from sexual harassment and a safe place to work and learn. If you have questions about the sexual harassment prevention training, please contact UF Training and Organizational Development at (352) 392-4626 or If you have a sexual harassment complaint or need assistance, please contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Director at (352) 273-1778 or

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