May 10: myUFL Financial Systems Upgrade “goes live”

Published: April 29th, 2011

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Greg Dubois, Director, Business Relationships, Enterprise Systems
Jodi Gentry, Director, UF Training and Organizational Development
Dave Gruber, Senior Director, Enterprise Systems
Brad Staats, Assistant Vice President for Contracts and Grants

All users of the myUFL system ( will be impacted when the myUFL Financial Systems Upgrade “goes live” on May 10 at 8 a.m. Users are reminded to clear their cache and cookies before using the system for the first time that morning.

Starting 5 p.m. on Friday, April 29, to support the transition to the upgraded financial system, most areas of the financial system will become unavailable for transactions. Please see the deployment timeline on the upgrade web site for details:

On Sunday, May 8, will be unavailable during the regularly scheduled maintenance window between 6 and 10 a.m. The system also is expected to be unavailable at 3 a.m. for approximately one hour the morning of Tuesday, May 10.

With the upgrade:

  • The overall “look and feel” of the myUFL system will be different, including no more left-hand navigation. Please see this 10-minute tutorial for details:
  • Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Budget and Commitment Control, Journal Entry and Import, Pcard, Pre- and Post-Award (Grants), Purchasing—Receiving (but NOT myUF Market), and Travel and Expense will be affected.
  • Enterprise Reporting, including those who access reporting for HR and other non-financial data, will be impacted. Also impacted will be all users of Query Studio. See our Reporting Update for details:
  • Users of Human Resources, Payroll, and Student Financials will not experience system changes, except as described in the “look and feel” tutorial mentioned above.
  • No impact is expected for myUF Market users, except during the deployment timeline period as described here:

Upgrade training is required for those who need security access to the financial systems. Required training must be completed by May 31 in order to keep any requested roles. See for more information.

Step–by–step instructions for clearing cache and cookies for Internet Explorer 8 are available at: See the entire list of supported browsers and instructions for each at: While it is expected that Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 will perform adequately with the upgraded myUFL system, these new browsers have not yet been approved by Oracle. The university is performing tests to help determine their compatibility, and we will continue to follow-up with Oracle to ensure these browsers are fully supported in the near future.

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