International Travel and MEDEX

Published: September 2nd, 2011

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Joseph Glover, Provost and Senior Vice President and David Sammons, Dean of the UF International Center

In an effort to strengthen the ability of the university to ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and students participating in official university international travel, a simple registration procedure has been implemented. All members of the UF community who are traveling on officially-sanctioned UF business outside the United States are required to register their travel on the UF International Center Web site: (Please note: This registration procedure does not apply to students studying on a UF-sponsored, exchange or independent study abroad program.)

By registering online, travelers will be automatically enrolled in MEDEX, an emergency travel assistance plan for persons on official university travel. Please note that MEDEX coverage is provided free of charge to all travelers on official UF international business. Each time an individual travels, he/she will need to register that trip separately and will then be enrolled in MEDEX for the duration of that trip. After registration, faculty can choose to print their MEDEX card, which should be carried at all times while traveling. Faculty and graduate student groups (such as mission trips) must register their travel individually – not as a group.

This policy ensures that all travelers are appropriately protected when traveling abroad, which is consistent with the university policy on international travel. It also permits the UF International Center to track international travelers accurately and provides UFIC the ability to contact travelers in the event of an emergency situation abroad.

Any questions about this policy and registration procedures should be directed to one of the following individuals at the UF International Center:
Ms. Yanping Cheng: Tel: 273-1517 or
Ms. Linda Gritman: Tel: 273-1507 or

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