myUFL HR/Payroll Upgrade slated for Summer 2012

Published: October 11th, 2011

Category: Memos

Paula Fussell, Vice President Human Resource Services Matt Fajack, Chief Financial Officer Elias Eldayrie, Chief Information Officer Joe Glover, Provost Dave Kratzer, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Zina Evans, Vice President for Enrollment Management

We are pleased to announce that work has begun on the upgrade of myUFL’s Human Resource and Payroll systems. Over the coming months, several campus-wide teams of university employees will be working to ensure the HR/Payroll systems are reviewed and updated with the most efficient technology and processes in order to meet UF’s business demands—both now and in the future. The project, approved by senior academic and administrative leadership, is currently scheduled for completion the summer of 2012.

As is the case with all software, regular upgrades of the myUFL system are required to stay current and meet the university’s business demands. A follow-up to the recently completed myUFL Financial Systems Upgrade, this upgrade is designed to ensure our online business processes remain current and compliant as they support human resources and payroll-related needs.

Regular upgrades not only ensure the university stays in step with the most current capabilities of its technology, but also can provide cost-savings to the university. Although we recognize these changes require an investment of additional time and energy from employees in order to become familiar with the new systems, over time the return on such investments make them worthwhile.

We are committed to keeping campus well informed about this project and its impact. Regular communication updates are planned for the coming months, and training opportunities will be available in advance of the upgrade’s implementation. An upgrade web site — — also will be available throughout the life of this project.

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