Mandatory Student Health Insurance Program

Published: February 5th, 2014

Category: Memos

Joseph Glover, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
David Kratzer, Vice President for Student Affairs

A mandatory student health insurance program for incoming University of Florida students was approved by the UF Board of Trustees to be initiated by fall 2014. Effective Summer B 2014, all newly admitted or re-admitted students who are enrolled at least half time * in a degree-seeking program and are attending any campus of the University of Florida will be required to show proof of adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment. This requirement would also apply to existing students who complete a degree and move to a new degree-seeking program (e.g. from bachelor’s to master’s).

The program allows students and their families to retain the freedom to purchase insurance in the marketplace or through the University-sponsored plan. More information including insurance coverage guidelines, frequently asked questions, how to submit one’s insurance information and more, can be found at Please note that students who have matriculated at UF Summer A 2014 or earlier and who are currently enrolled are exempt from this requirement.

Please include this requirement on websites, admissions letters, and materials to newly admitted or re-admitted students. For questions about this requirement, please contact Dr. Mary Kay Carodine, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at or Katherine Lindsey, Assistant Director, Health Administration, UF Student Health Care Center at

* Half time is defined as 6 eligible credit hours for undergraduate students and 5 eligible credit hours (4 credit hours during summer) for graduate students including post-candidacy doctoral students. For students beginning in Summer B term, half-time is considered 3 hours; however, one must be enrolled in 6 hours to receive financial aid. This applies to both domestic and international students.

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