SACS Accreditation

Published: February 24th, 2014

Category: Memos

Joseph Glover, Provost

Last week, SACS conducted its site visit to UF to assess the university’s bid for reaffirmation of accreditation.  This occurs once every ten years, and as many faculty members and staff know, it requires years of detailed work and preparation.  I am pleased to report that at its exit meeting, the SACS team complimented UF on the quality of the university’s functioning, the thoroughness of the written report, and the promise of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  The members found UF in compliance with all of the SACS standards, and had no recommendations for follow-up. The process concludes in December 2014, when the SACS Board of Trustees votes to reaffirm the university’s accreditation for the next ten years.

I would like to thank all members of the university community who participated in the preparation of materials for SACS and in the formulation of the Quality Enhancement Plan, Learning without Borders: Internationalizing the Gator Nation.  The development of the QEP was led by David Miller from the College of Education, and the implementation of the plan will be led by Dean of the International Center Leo Villalón, with the assistance of many faculty members.

I would especially like to recognize UF Director of Institutional Assessment Tim Brophy and UF Director of SACS Accreditation Cheryl Gater for their excellent work over the course of several years in bringing this project to fruition.

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