Grand Challenges Core Proposals

Published: February 25th, 2014

Category: Memos

Bernard Mair, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

The Preeminence Bill SB 1076 allows UF to require 9 – 12 credits of unique coursework in all undergraduate programs that cannot be earned through any acceleration mechanism. In response to this bill, we are developing an outstanding, distinctive, cohesive General Education Program (GEP) with a core set of courses focusing on “Grand Challenges”. This Grand Challenges Core will transform our GEP into one of the highest quality, woven into the fabric of the UF experience and serving as a bridge between, an introduction to, and an integrator of, seemingly disparate disciplines. This core will be focused, cohesive, interesting, lively, engaging, and reflect the institutional focus on research and creative works, knowledge creation, and the mission of educating people from diverse backgrounds to address the needs of the world’s societies.

This memo serves as a reminder of the opportunity that faculty in undergraduate-degree-granting colleges have to submit proposals for Grand Challenges courses by March 31, 2014. This initiative has been discussed extensively at the Faculty Senate meetings and with the college deans so many faculty are already aware of it. Complete information is available at

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