Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Award Applications

Published: August 5th, 2014

Category: Memos

Joe Glover, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

I am pleased to announce a call for Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO) Award applications for all faculty not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.  Please make this information available to faculty in your unit.  Applications are due this Fall 2014 for awards in Spring 2015.  This project is part of President Machen’s efforts to support and enhance professional development opportunities for the faculty.

Details of the FEO program and the application form are available at: http://www.aa.ufl.edu/FEO .

Applications must be reviewed at the unit level.  Applications endorsed at the unit level should be forwarded to the University-level Task Force, which will review the applications and recommend awards to the Provost.

Applications for this round of FEOs will be due in one single PDF document to FEO@aa.ufl.edu by October 3, 2014

We anticipate that there will be another call for FEO applications in Spring 2015 for Fall 2015.

Questions about the program or the application should be directed to Associate Provost Angel Kwolek-Folland c/o Ms. Ileana McCray at immcray@aa.ufl.edu

I look forward to the opportunities this project provides to support our faculty members and the University.

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