Equipment-Use Fees Management Policy

Published: September 29th, 2014

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Sheri P. Austin, Asst. Vice President, University Budgets

In an effort to best maintain equipment purchased utilizing equipment use fee’s the following policy is being introduced and made effective October 1, 2014. Please read through the policy and distribute to anyone in your college who works with equipment use fees.

The policy reads as follows:
Non-capital equipment should be tracked internally by each department when being used on or off campus if equipment is purchased using Equipment Use fees. Asset management is not involved in this process; therefore, the responsibility lies directly with the Department.
Capital Equipment that is purchased using Equipment Use Fees will follow the Asset Management procedures and policies which can be found at as well as the following process:
Each college/department will provide the University Budget Office a list of current non-capital equipment inventory purchased using Equipment Use fees.
The College/Department will maintain a database (Access, Excel or a similar type database) that they will be responsible for updating as new equipment is purchased, or old equipment is used as a trade-in or sent to surplus. Any equipment being purchased using EU Fees must be updated upon receipt. It is the department’s responsibility to provide an updated list to the University Budget office each fiscal year no later than July 1.

Within the database, the department will reference the following:

  • eForm number associated with the purchase of the equipment
  • Course number(s) associated with the equipment
  • Location of the equipment
  • Voucher number associated with the purchase
  • Purchase Date
  • Life expectancy if applicable
  • Date of surplus (if equipment is being replaced or discarded by the college/department)

The effective date of this policy will be October 1, 2014; each college/department will provide the University Budget Office with an electronic copy of their initial database no later than November 26, 2014 and thereafter each fiscal year by July 1.
To ensure your area has the information they need to successfully manage the updates, you can find this policy on the below site under Equipment Use Fees.

Please contact Heather Bradley at 392-2120 or if you have any questions.

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