Assistant Director of Research Compliance

Published: May 12th, 2015

Category: Memos

David Norton, Vice President for Research

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Terra DuBois as the Assistant Director of Research Compliance to manage the Export Control program effective May 18, 2015.

Ms. DuBois is a double Gator having received her B.S. in Psychology from UF in 2001 and a law degree from UF in 2004.

Ms. DuBois comes to UF from the University of Idaho, Office of Research Assurances, where she served as the Director and Research Compliance Officer. In this capacity, she managed the research compliance programs in animal care and use, biological safety, human subjects research, conflict of interest, and responsible conduct of research. Ms. DuBois’ diverse background and academic experience as well as her law degree, will enable her to effectively implement and manage the Export Control program.

Ms. DuBois is looking forward to her new position and the opportunity to return to her home state. Please join me in welcoming Ms. DuBois to UF.

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