Notices of Proposed Regulation Amendments

Published: March 2nd, 2016

Category: Memos

Jamie Lewis Keith, Vice President, General Counsel and University Secretary

UF-1.006  Non-Discrimination/Harassment/Invasion of Privacy Policies

UF-2.004  Use of Facilities:  Definitions, Priorities in Use; General Restrictions on Use

UF 2.005  Use of Facilities; Outdoor Areas

UF-2.016  Public Functions, Use of Campus Lands, Camping

UF-2.019  Alcoholic Beverages

UF-3025   Lease of Space

UF-3.054  Appointment; Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial    Support and University Support Personnel System Staff

UF-7.003  Academic Personnel Employment Plan: Academic Appointment Status  Modifiers, Academic-Administrative Classification Titles, and Faculty Award Titles

UF-7.041  Methods for Review and Resolution of Faculty Grievances

UF-7.042  University Grievance Procedure for Faculty and Postdoctoral Associates:  Definitions, General Information, and Procedures

UF-7.061   Educational, Research and Service Sites

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