Faculty and Staff Salary Increase Effective January 1, 2017

Published: November 17th, 2016

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Jodi D. Gentry, Vice President for Human Resource Services

Earlier this year, President Fuchs announced an across-the-board salary increase for University of Florida faculty and staff. Under this program, eligible faculty and staff will receive a 1.5 percent pay increase effective January 1, 2017. In the coming months, there also will be impacts to compensation due to changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act and Florida’s minimum wage, as described below.


Effective January 1, 2017, eligible faculty and staff (USPS and TEAMS) will receive a 1.5 percent pay increase.

  • To be eligible for the 1.5 percent increase, employees must have been hired on or before June 30, 2016.
  • Postdoctoral associates are eligible, as are part-time faculty and staff. OPS employees are not eligible.
  • Salary increases for employees in a bargaining unit are subject to union negotiation.

An automated process is being developed for implementing this pay increase. As a result, no action will be required to implement the 1.5 percent increase from departments or colleges—although in keeping with past practice, a raise file will be available for review.

For state-funded positions, the 1.5 percent increase in funding will be allocated based on filled positions only using funding distributions identified by the units in the Budget Prep System as of June 2016. Contract, grant, and auxiliary units are expected to fund all salary increases from existing sources.

Salary Increase Processing Calendar:

  • Tuesday, January 3 — Faculty and staff increases available for review in myUFL
  • Friday, January 20 — First paycheck with across-the-board increases, effective January 1 (for the pay period of December 30-January 12)


Additionally, the Florida minimum wage will increase from $8.05 to $8.10 effective January 1. As a reminder, this minimum wage applies to our OPS hires (OPSN, STAS, and FWSP); TEAMS and USPS hires have a $12 minimum, which will not be impacted. No action is required of departmental staff to increase this wage for impacted employees; this will be handled centrally by UF Human Resources (UFHR).


Due to changes to the FLSA that take effect December 1, 2016, the minimum salary threshold at which a position will be considered “exempt” from overtime pay will increase to $47,476 annually, up from $23,660. Current exempt positions below the new salary threshold will be eligible for overtime once the change takes effect, with some exceptions.

As communicated in earlier messages, effective December 1 all impacted employees will be moved to a salaried non-exempt category — keeping them in the same title, at the same rate of pay. UFHR is notifying employees who are transitioning to the salaried non-exempt category via campus mail and emailing them directly with information about training materials to assist with the transition. Supervisors of employees affected by the transition should also refer to the information provided on the UFHR website at http://hr.ufl.edu/manager-resources/classification-compensation/flsa/.

Also, effective December 1, postdoctoral associates earning less than $47,476 will receive an increase in order to meet the new FLSA minimum salary threshold. Raises will be available for review in myUFL on November 29. All changes associated with the FLSA will be handled by UFHR, so no action should be required of departmental staff to implement needed changes.

We hope this information is helpful. Departments with questions regarding the salary increase program and/or FLSA changes for staff positions may contact Classification and Compensation at (352) 392-2477. For questions regarding faculty positions, please contact Academic Personnel, also at (352) 392-2477. You may also email your questions to salaryincrease@ufl.edu.

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