Fund Administrator Training

Published: July 31st, 2018

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Tom Mitchell, Vice President for Advancement

As UF embarks upon the largest campaign in its history, the need for enhanced fund stewardship initiatives is imperative. In order to properly steward past gifts while also inspiring future support, we must be able to ensure that our private philanthropic dollars are spent to maximum capacity, with the utmost diligence to donor intent, and we are communicating that impact back to our donors in a thoughtful manner. To assist with these efforts, we have developed an online training module that provides information to Fund Administrators on proper fund management, expenditures, and reporting for our approximately 6,300 funds. Thank you for your attention and support with this training requirement.

Who is required to complete this online training?
This brief, online training is required for all UF Fund Administrators and applicable support employees within 60 days of receiving this email. This will be required for all existing fund administrators and applicable support employees, as well as newly appointed fund administrators and applicable support employees, on an annual basis. This training will be directly linked to employee’s access to administer funds, linked to a PeopleSoft security role as noted below, therefore please complete the training by September 30th to avoid interruption to your access.

How do I register for this course?
For direct access to UF_ADV006 Fund Administrator Training, click here.
o Once you are logged in to the system, click Start > Start Course.
Once completed, please contact Robin Roundtree to request the following security role: UF_N_UFF_FAS.

Who do I contact with questions?
For questions regarding this training, please contact UF Advancement’s Talent Management office:
o Phone: 352-846-2046
o Email:

If you need assistance with the myTraining system, please contact UF Training & Organizational Development:
o Phone: 352-392-4626
o Email:

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