Political campaign activity

Published: October 2nd, 2018

Category: Memos

Amy Hass, Vice President and General Counsel
Jodi Gentry, Vice President for Human Resources
Mark Kaplan, Vice President for Government and Community Relations

As election day approaches, this is a reminder that the University of Florida may not participate in any political campaign or provide anything of value to support or oppose a candidate for public office or ballot initiative. This prohibition includes using UF funds, facilities, personnel, email addresses and systems, social media, or any other resources for political activities. Among other things, university emails should not support or oppose any candidate, political party, or ballot measure. Use only your personal email address, social media, and other resources. Likewise, you should not use the university seal, letterhead, symbols, logos, or other identifiable marks of institutional affiliation (including images of UF buildings) to endorse or promote a party, campaign, candidate, or issue.

Of course, university employees have important rights to freely participate in political campaigns in their personal capacity, on their own time, at times that do not interfere with their work responsibilities. This includes registering and voting. As state employees, university employees may not participate in campaigns during their work time, use their offices to influence or interfere with an election, or solicit funds in university buildings to support or oppose a candidate.

When necessary to avoid confusion, employees should make clear they are expressing personal opinions–and not speaking in their official roles or on behalf of the university–when taking a position for or against a candidate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel @ 352-392-1358 or general-counsel@ufl.edu.

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