Teacher/Scholar of the Year 2023-2024 and information about the SEC Faculty Achievement Awards

Published: September 13th, 2023

Category: Memos

J. Scott Angle, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President

Please forward this to the appropriate person in your college. The due date is January 19, 2024 for nominations for the UF Teacher/Scholar of the Year Award.

Colleges are invited to submit nominations for the UF Teacher/Scholar of the Year Award for 2023-2024.  As the oldest and most prestigious award offered to UF faculty, this award seeks to honor the faculty member whose scholarship or creative activity is recognized both nationally and internationally as innovative and pace-setting and whose teaching and mentoring are both exemplary.  Originating in 1960, the Teacher/Scholar of the Year has been awarded to current and future luminaries such as National Academy Members. 

It offers an honorarium of $6,000 in addition to other appropriate recognition, such as the automatic induction to UF’s Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars (ADTS).  The selected faculty member will receive an SEC Academic Consortium Faculty Achievement Award and will be considered for UF’s nominee for the SEC Professor of the Year Award.

Please access http://aa.ufl.edu/awards/uf-internal-awards/teacher–scholar-of-the-year/ for further information and application form.

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