Fall 2023 Commencement Information

Published: September 25th, 2023

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Steph McBride


This fall, there will be five university-wide commencement ceremonies that will take place in the Stephen C. O’Connell Center

  • The Doctoral Degree Ceremony on Friday, December 15 at 2:00pm (processional to begin at 1:40pm).
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degrees ceremony #1 on Friday, December 15 at 7pm (processional to begin at 6:30pm): HW CoE, Med, Nurs, PHHP, Vet
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degrees ceremony #2 on Saturday, December 16 at 9am (processional to begin at 8:30am): CJC, WCB
  • Bachelor’s, master’s, and specialist’s ceremony #3 on Saturday, December 16 at 2pm (processional to begin at 1:30pm): Edu, CLAS
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degrees ceremony #4 on Saturday, December 16 at 7pm (processional to begin at 6:30pm): CALS, ARTS, DCP, HHP, Pharm

Ordering Regalia

Regalia orders will be accepted through Nov. 3 through this link: https://facultydirect.herffjones.com/site/welcome (note: a browser alternative to Chrome is recommended for this site). Payment is required when placing an order.

Formal academic regalia is required for all faculty members attending the ceremonies as a doctoral commencement ceremony as a platform party member or as an escort and/or hooding faculty member for doctoral degree candidates.

Faculty Serving as Escorts and/or Hooders

Candidates for Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Plant Medicine degrees will invite a faculty member to serve as their escort who will also hood them.

Candidates for Doctor of Audiology, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Musical Arts and Doctor of Athletic Training, PharmD, and all Law degrees will be hooded by designated faculty members from their program.

Faculty designated as escorts and/or hooders will receive an e-mail from the Director of the Commencements with further details about responsibilities, assembly times and hooding instructions approximately one month prior to commencement. However, if you have a doctoral candidate scheduled to graduate during this semester, please order your regalia on or before the November 3 deadline.

Marshal Robes

Faculty members serving as a marshal at the university-wide ceremonies do NOT need to order academic regalia – a marshal robe is provided to all marshals, free of charge, for use at the university-wide commencement ceremonies. 

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