Utility Rates, FY 1998-1999

Published: May 4th, 1998

Category: Memos

David S. O’Brien, Director

Physical Plant Division is responsible for providing utilities, telephone service and refuse collection for the University of Florida. We set the rate for these areas based on anticipated supply costs and operational costs. A great deal of effort has gone into maintaining stable rates to minimize the impact on campus budgets. The following rates have been approved for FY 1998-99:

Electricity             $ 0.0619/KWH   No Change
Steam                   $ 3.54/KLB     No Change
Water                   $ 0.85/KGAL    No Change
Waste Water             $ 1.63/KGAL    No Change
Chilled Water           $84.85/KTH     3.08% Decrease
Line Service            $16.80/Line    6.32% Increase
Long Distance           $ 0.10/Minute  No Change
Telephone Installation  $55.00/Hour    12.70% Decrease
Refuse                  $ 3.52/CuYd    No Change
Motor Pool Service      $35.00/Hour    No Change
Motor Pool PM Service   $15.00/Hour    No Change
Unleaded Fuel           $  .98/Gal     Average
Diesel Fuel             $  .95/Gal     Average

We are striving to provide the highest quality service at competitive prices. Please give us a call if you need further information.

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