Vehicle Safety Inspection

Published: December 30th, 2002

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David S. O’Brien, Director

All vehicles assigned to University of Florida departments are required to have an annual safety inspection. This inspection is accomplished by the Physical Plant Division Motor Pool for all vehicles located in close proximity of the University of Florida campus. Departments with vehicles that are located outside the Gainesville area are authorized to accomplish this annual inspection by competent “in-house” mechanics or by certified commercial vendors.

Departments are notified by the Motor Pool when their vehicle requires an annual inspection.

Attached is a revised form that must be completely filled out to complete this inspection. For departments that use the campus Motor Pool for inspection, this form is provided for information only. For departments located outside the Gainesville area, this revised form is provided for your immediate use. All vehicle safety inspections accomplished after January 1, 2003 must use this form. Please forward completed forms to:

Physical Plant Division Motor Pool
Building 706, S.W. Radio Road
P. O. Box 112650
Gainesville FL 32611

After documentation is completed, a sticker will be sent that should be affixed to the left lower corner of the vehicle windshield.

Copies of this form are also available on our Physical Plant Division web page under Forms, Motor Pool (link:

University of Florida Vehicle Inspection Form
(Revised November 21, 2002)

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