Launch This Friday of the New myUFL Systems

Published: June 15th, 2004

Category: Memos

Bernie Machen, President

This Friday, June 18, will be a historic moment for the University of Florida. We will begin the first phase of the conversion from our current legacy computer systems for most of our administrative functions to the new Web-based, integrated myUFL systems. This implementation will change the way we do business in a wide-range of critical areas, including sponsored research, reporting time and leave, hiring, travel and expense, purchasing and many other functions. The changes brought by the new systems are the largest changes in UF business practices ever made.

The Bridges team, along with hundreds of UF staff and administrators, began this work about two years ago. We will continue this work long after this phased launch (June 18-July 1) as refinements and improvements are a normal occurrence of any project this size and scope.

I am well aware that many of you are anxious about the upcoming changes and the stresses that come from the extra work required. It is a demanding time for many UF employees who have already attended numerous training sessions and will need to attend more. I am confident these changes will eventually make life easier and better for everyone, including staff, faculty, students and anyone who interacts with UF.

I have personally experienced PeopleSoft implementations at two other institutions – the University of Michigan and the University of Utah. Although the transition was quite challenging at times, these universities are better for it, having improved their workflow and business practices in terms of efficiency, quality and customer service.

By helping each other, supporting each other and working together, we will make the change together. We will have modern systems with new capabilities, and we too will look back on the change and be better for it. We should all be very proud of what we are accomplishing here at UF.

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