December Payroll Schedule

Published: December 1st, 2004

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Michael V. McKee, Controller

The December Human Resource and Payroll processing dates have not changed from those announced on the May 7, 2004 communication, However, with the Holidays and the Personal and Vacation Leave Information announced on November 8, 2004,, we felt that it was important to emphasize key dates within the processing timeframes. They are as follows:

12/10:   Payday. Human Resource changes that affect the employees paid on the 12/23 pay datemust be submitted to the appropriate Human Resource department (Student, Academic, Central Employment) by 5:00 p.m.

12/14:   Preliminary Paylist is available and updated through Thursday 12/16.

12/15:   Time worked (both actual and projected for 12/15 and 12/16 must be entered in T&L by 12/15.

12/16:   Time & Labor (T&L) closes (would have normally closed on Friday, 12/17). This is also the date the pay period ends for the 12/23 pay date.

12/20:   Off Cycle (emergency check) requests for the 12/23 pay date must be received in Central Payroll by 5 p.m.

12/21:   Preliminary Paylist available and updated through Thursday, 12/23 for the 1/7/05 pay date.

12/22:   Time worked (both actual and projected for 12/17 through 12/30 must be entered in T&L by 12/22

12/23:    T&L closes for the 12/30/04 pay end date (1/7/05 pay date).

12/24:   Christmas Holiday observed.

12/31:    Paylist available for the 1/7/05 pay date. New Year Holiday observed.

1/3/05:   Off Cycle (emergency check) request for the 1/7/05 pay date must be received by 12 Noon on 1/4/05.

1/7/05:   Payday.

Questions regarding this schedule should be directed to the Central Payroll office at 392-1231 or email Donna McClure,, Linda Orfield, or Murphy Miller,

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