Centralized contract with The Chronicle of Higher Education

Published: May 18th, 2006

Category: Memos

Kyle J. Cavanaugh, Vice President for Human Resource Services

I am pleased to announce that the university has renegotiated a centralized contract for recruitment advertising with The Chronicle of Higher Education. The newly established contract will provide up to a 20% discount for all print display ads and an unlimited amount of web-only ads. The new contract represents significant savings on both print and web ads.

For academic positions, departments will continue to work directly with The Chronicle when placing their ads. Departments simply need to identify themselves as being part of the University of Florida to take advantage of the savings. For staff positions, Recruitment and Staffing will continue to draft the advertisements, obtain quotes, and place the advertisements on the departments’ behalf. When placing either a print or electronic advertisement, departments should include the following equal employment opportunity statement:

“The University of Florida is an equal employment opportunity employer.”

Please refer to the “Outside Advertising” section of our web site, http://www.hr.ufl.edu/managers/advertising.htm, for a list of key information that should be included in advertisements. If you have any questions about the new contract or advertisement placement please contact Donna Burdge, Associate Director for Recruitment and Staffing, at 392-4621.

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